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The Full Story

I taught English Lit at Columbia and Skidmore for several years, and then got out of teaching to go to law school. I’m originally from the Ohio Valley (Louisville). My wife and I decided to move to her hometown—Cincinnati—where we have raised three kids and watched four grandchildren grow. All this while—47 years-- I practiced law in Ohio and Kentucky, with cases taking me from Southern California to the rocky coast of Maine, from the snowy North Woods to sunny Florida. All over the USA. I had cases on death row, at adoption agencies and many venues in between. I enjoyed practicing law more than I did teaching, although I never lost my love of reading and continued to enjoy teaching an occasional class outside the close confines of academia. I felt that I was more involved in real life, and saw plenty of it in a practice that brought me in contact with people at their best and their worst. When I retired, I decided to see whether I could emulate the writers I still loved to read by doing my own writing and seeing it published, using bits and pieces of what I had seen and experienced. The results so far are the stories you see mentioned on this website. I hope you see something you might like to read, and find out that you did enjoy it.

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